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Marijke van der Maarel-Versluys and dr. Eddy van der Maarel



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This page presents information on our activitivities in a historical context, which are grouped in 12 categories (see above). Our activities are partly a continuation of our professional life (Marijke as a biologist, garden designer and editor, Eddy as a biologist and editor) after we retired. There is also information on our cultural and artistic activities. We have supported each other for over 50 years and have often cooperated. Hence we feel involved in all categories. Each category has its own web page with text and one of more appendices illustrations and additional information. As a whole the website is an unusual combination of memoirs and topicalities!

In addition we started a Forum cate­gory, destinated for commentaries and essays by us, and maybe by guests, which are not or not integrally accepted by dailies and weeklies. The agenda will contain information on relevant actual events. So far only the Dutch Opinion site offers contributions.

Search tips. For a visit to a category mentioned on a page or related website on a topic treated here, click on the marked word in blue. Available pdf-documents are marked (pdf) and available on request. 

 The illustrations refer to four of our activiteities. Topleft: part of our garden with woodland and a ‘ha-ha’ to a  neighbouring meadow; bottom left: one of Marijke’s weaving works (pdf); top right: a book on the history of dune research by Eddy et al.; bottom right: a double-CD (+ programme booklet) with nature-inspired music by Margriet Verbeek and Eddy.

For a curriculum vitae of us, click CV Marijke or CV Eddy in the menu. Via publications, our international publications, IPU, are reached and from there our Dutch publicaties, NPU, and other, cited publications, OPU. Literature references in the texts are indicated with these (linked) codes  + running number.

 Finally, we thank Henry Sturman for his help with the development of our website.


 Started 1 December 2011; recent update on 13 march 2017 with smaller changes in several appendices

and larger changes mainly in Weaving, Music, Conservation, Ecology and Agenda.

(some links between appendices and categories do not function)

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